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For most people it is always a delightful moment to shift from their previous rental space to a new and better one. After all those late-night discussions on the apartment, negotiations with the real estate dealer, and endless effort spent on getting a new place, this moment should not be disrupted by an unkempt, filthy, and tarnished space.

Whether you are moving out to a new place or leaving your previous one, it is always necessary to conduct thorough move-out cleanings timely. Move-out cleaning is not just about providing a clean, hygienic space to the new residents. Most times, landlords refuse to pay back the security deposits in cases of diminished quality of the rented place.

If you are moving out and need to clean the entire home thoroughly including the difficult areas like baseboards, hardwood flooring etc., you have landed on the right page. Here is a list of clever tips to help you conduct an extensive move-out cleaning.

Start With Your Living Room 

Deep cleaning your living room requires strenuous efforts as most of a person’s time is spent in the living room. It is essential to conduct thorough move-out cleanings in your living room as it is bound to be brimming with food stains, coffee or tea cup stains on the table, or an extensively smudged carpet.

One can start by moving out all the furniture in the room and then starting with dusting and wiping down all the cabinets, shelves, stands, or fireplaces. If you find any adamant spots or stains inside the room, you can use warm water mixed with mild detergent or soap to clean the stains.

Deep Cleanse The Kitchen Space 

It wouldn’t be surprising to find food stains scattered throughout the kitchen and even in some hard-to-reach places. Cleaning the kitchen can tend to be an extremely time-consuming and arduous task. Therefore, one must start cleaning with more straightforward stuff like wiping the cupboards and cabinets.

One must not forget to clean the furniture’s front and back sides. Additionally, one must clean behind all the large appliances like the freezer, refrigerator, or microwave. If a person decides to leave behind some of the appliances, it is vital to give a nice clean inside out to those appliances.

After dusting, one must carefully scrub down the countertops, walls, and appliances to give them a furnished look. One can consider vacuuming the space and giving it an excellent mop to clean the floors and corners.

Don’t Forget Cleaning Your Bathroom  

The essential things that will need cleaning inside a bathroom are the showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and metallic surfaces like taps. Metallic surfaces around the taps and shower are more likely to have water stains, moldings, and limescale. One can wash these off with a soap mixture or a combination of warm water with a mild detergent.

Additionally, one must look out for plug holes in the sink and bathtubs. If you notice a blocked plug hole, one can sort it out by pouring down a load of baking powder down the plug hole and then tipping in some vinegar. In addition, one can use a pair of plug-hole tweezers to drain the accumulated substance. 


The above-mentioned spaces in one’s house are the absolute and bare minimum spaces that must be thoroughly cleaned before moving out. In addition, one must not forget to extensively clean the staircase, hallways, windows, balconies, and storage compartments. If a person owns a lawn or a garden, they must give a nice trimming and weeding before moving out and make it look as immaculate as possible.


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