The selected actors are good, that is why they are chosen. Yet I do not like such stories, they appear cheap on screen, ref. 50 shades of grey. With the great problem that the stereotype is subjective.

If you’ve watched enough kdramas, this will be a rough read. Misunderstandings are the only way the author can make this thing have a plot. road get business I will say that in some ways the relationships can be cute, but seeing the girls GUSH over the men they like gets to be too much as well.

Kross Pictures Before it became a successful Korean TV drama, Business Proposal was a popular webtoon with millions of followers. When a webtoon becomes that popular it naturally attracts producers. I personally don’t think that either of these two actors fit the characters of HaRi and TaeMu. For the the male character, it has to be a tall with medium to big build. For the girl, an actress with soft features and short with small to medium frame.

Ha-ri, not wanting to let her boss know that she is his employee Shin Ha-ri, says that her name is Shin Geum-hui which she uses during fake dating and when meeting with Tae-mu’s grandfather. This is money the cash-strapped Ha-ri desperately needs to bail out her consistently impecunious parents. It’s a fast-paced romance line either it’s the first lead or second lead, this drama is filled with amazingly passionate couple chemistry and makes this drama so swoon-worthy… A drama can’t be any more cliche than this one, but in every scene, you will be like “ok this has been done before but never on this level”. This show has a unique quality that it doesn’t make u irritated with its cliche plot but makes it more interesting and enjoyable due to its comic timing. Once you put it on you’ll be eager for more and more that’s how good this show is…

While Kim values a webtoon’s track record, the story also has to have what it takes to attract a good cast. Kim Se Jeong is doing an amazing job portraying the adorable and chaotic female lead Shin Ha Ri. Netflix and SBS have a new K-drama Business Proposal that has been garnering the attention of fans from the very first episode. The popular K-drama is a successful adaptation of the webtoon titled ‘A Business Proposal.’ Check all about A Business Proposal webtoon, episode guide, and where to read it below. A Business Proposal Episode 12 will determine a lot of things. Will the Chairman of GoFoods, Kang Da Goo, accept his perfect grandson’s relationship with an employee?

Titles like ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ and ‘Extraordinary You’ are so much better as a webtoon. In the series format, the actors try to show what the character feels through facial expressions. For me, the shading of the eyes and the tilt of the chin drawn in the webtoon works better in connecting with the emotion,” she added. Find all the released episodes of A Business Proposal webtoon on Tapas here. To get access to all the free episodes, download the Tapas app. Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date in place of her friend, Jin Young-seo (Seol In-ah), whose father had arranged it.

A special episode consisting of popular scenes from the first six episodes was broadcast on March 19, 2022, with commentary from the main cast. KBS2’s “Crazy Love” recorded an average nationwide rating of 3 percent, marking a slight increase in ratings from the previous episode’s score of 2.6 percent. During a field trip, she made him wait for a painfully long time to use the loo and also ended up pushing him. Later on, again, the Chairman found her in the men’s bathroom inside the company building. And in Shin Ha Ri’s defense, she did all of this to protect her identity, but the Chairman does not know. When Kang Tae Mu officially introduces Shin Ha Ri as his girlfriend and tells him that Shin Geum Hi and Shin Ha Ri are the same person, will Kang Da Goo approve of their relationship?