I’ve been dreaming about decorating my new home with bold colors for years. I’ve been searching for inspiration on Pinterest and Pinterest boards while at the office. I’ve been a fan of beasley & henley interior design for years and when I saw these cute little pillows, I knew I had to have them.

I thought they were adorable and a gorgeous way to add a bit of texture to the new space. The pillows will only be available at Walgreens in the coming weeks, so I recommend buying them in advance.

The pillows are available at walgreens.com for $6 and the coordinating pillowcases are available at walmart.com for $24.

The beasley & henley pillowcase is pictured above. I really love this pillowcase because it’s not only colorful, but it also has a unique shape. This one is made with a mix of 100% recycled polyester and rayon.

This pillow is a great way to add a touch of texture to the space as well. It’s available in five colors. It’s also available at the Walgreens website, and the coordinating pillowcase is available at walmart.com. The pillow is available in a bunch of colors, from white to deep purple. The beasley amp henley pillowcase is pictured above.

My friend and I bought this piece of art last summer when we were going through our last few years of college. It was a gift, so I’m not sure if it’s still in stock. We think it’s in stock at J. Crew, but I’d check anyway.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are tons of cool and cheap interior design options to get you started with your decorating. I’ve been seeing beasley & henley pillowcases, and they’re great. They’re also available online, at J. Crew, and at walmart.com.

If you like beasley & henley pillowcases, you can order them online at jcrew.com, or at walmart.com. The pillowcases are also at amazon.com, but Im not sure if its in stock. Ive mentioned before that Ive seen this pillowcase at JC Penney, so I may grab a few of those next time I go there, but Id really like to see those in stock.

The JCP Penney store is the first department store that has the pillowcase. Theyre also at Kmart and Target. Ive been using the beasley amp henley pillowcase to hang my pillows because theyre so comfortable. Theyre great for the money too.

If youve been looking for a pillowcase that is comfortable and stylish, than this pillowcase from beasley & henley is for you. Theyre pretty affordable, too.

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