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How much should you pay for a guest post? The price depends on the website and domain authority of the host. You should avoid posting a rate sheet on your website. Guest posting sites should be paid according to the number of visitors they get from their site. You should consider your own audience when setting your price for sponsored posts. You should also choose sites that accept guest posts based on the niche of your post.

Getting what you pay for a guest post

Whether you’re using high quality guest post sites to boost traffic, build community, or increase your website’s authority, there are two major pitfalls to avoid. While guest posts may build some authority, they don’t build quality links. Even worse, they build a lot of ugly links. Good links are earned through good content. Bad links come from “link building” programs. There’s no way to tell which are which if you don’t check them first.

Before paying for a guest post, check its stats. Some website owners like certain types of guest posts. The more popular the blog is, the higher the chance of a good ranking. Make sure to read the bio of the person who will be posting on the blog. You can also ask them about their advertising plans. If they’re going to advertise the guest post, make sure that the promotion is consistent. If you’re using it to increase traffic, make sure to include a link to your website.

Getting a good return on your investment

You’ve probably heard that getting a good ROI when paying for a guest post is possible. After all, you don’t want to spend money only to get a few hits a week. In addition, you want to make sure that your guest post has a secondhand value. Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure that you’re getting a good ROI.

Despite the many benefits of guest posts, they’re still not a surefire way to make you a billionaire or a renowned guru. You’ll never be guaranteed a book deal or a major client by writing guest posts. And, the return on your investment will be measured against the amount of money you spent initially. That’s not always the case.

One of the best ways to get a good return on your investment from guest posting services is to set clear goals before you begin. Whether you want to gain exposure, create a buzz, or simply generate quality traffic, a clear goal will help you maximize your return on investment. If you have more than one goal in mind, then you should create a strategy that addresses each of them.

Getting a good price for a guest post

If you’re planning on writing a guest post for a website, it’s important to set a reasonable price. Generally, the price of sponsored posts is based on the website’s domain authority and the number of views. In most cases, a site with DA 40 and higher will get a decent price. However, you must avoid placing a rate sheet on your site.

If the website doesn’t pay a good price for your guest posts, it may be time to try your luck elsewhere. Guest posting is a great way to obtain backlinks and a great way to increase your domain authority. It only takes one high-quality backlink and your credibility will skyrocket. Using free tools like Mos. to check your domain authority score is a great way to ensure a fair price.

When looking for a guest poster, you can find out their social media following by searching for “guest blogger” in their domain. However, if you’re not able to find the information, you can always use tools such as Google Analytics or Social Media Explorer. Regardless of the method used, your guest poster will be pleased with the results. You can even ask them if they’d like to advertise on your site or in other places.

Sites that accept guest posts

If you have a blog or website, you may want to find out about the sites that accept guest posts. The process of finding guest posting opportunities can take some time. You’ll have to research do follow links, contact sites and more. Here are some tips to make your research easier. Check for these three factors when looking for a guest post opportunity:

The first thing to consider is the audience of the website. Guest posts aren’t as effective if the content is irrelevant to the target audience. They’re also hardly useful if they’re keyword-stuffed. Be sure to provide links to supporting content. Also, make sure the post is in line with the content of the website. Providing links to your site or other sites is also a good idea. Make sure to choose sites that have good metrics for their traffic, otherwise the guest post will be unread.


When selecting a site, you should consider whether it’s worth submitting the article. Some sites allow authors to post their articles on their own websites. Others let other people write their articles on their own websites. A site’s policy can be found on its website, and you should carefully read it before submitting your piece. Make sure your article is written by someone knowledgeable about the subject. Avoid writing blatant advertisements, or it may be deleted by the site’s representatives.


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