Roofing is not your typical DIY job. This project requires the expert knowledge of a roofing contractor as well as specialized equipment you may not have. A good roof is likely to increase the value of your home, protect the exterior and exterior, and help lower your energy bills. It’s for these reasons that you need a skilled and qualified roofer to get the job done. However, before hiring a roofer, there are several questions you need to ask to help you learn more about the contractor, their company, and the services they offer. Here is what you need to ask:

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Does the Roofer Have a License, Bond, and Insurance?

A roofing project is not a regular home improvement project and requires a valid license and permit. The first question you need to ask the roofer is their license. This document shows the roofer has the knowledge and skills required for the job, and they adhere to the local building codes. Aside from their licenses, the contractor needs to have liability insurance cover. This cover protects both the roofer and client in case of damage or a botched job. The roofer should also present workmanship compensation insurance to shoulder any expenses in case of an injury.

In some states, roofing contractors need to have a surety bond to cushion their clients financially in the circumstances such as:

  • Failure to complete the work within the agreed time
  • Working without a permit
  • Substandard workmanship

If a roofer has a surety bond, you can rely on the third party to complete the project at no extra charge.

Previous Roofing Projects Completed

Before committing to one roofer, you need to inquire about their work experience and previous tasks completed. Knowing their past projects can help you gauge if they are qualified for the job. It’s advisable to work with a roofing contractor with a documented portfolio with images showing some of their previous works. Take time to go through their portfolio, cooling out for projects similar to yours. You can find a good Richmond roofing company if you do enough research and check out the respective website. You will be able to see some of their projects and read customer reviews and ratings for each project.

If the firm has completed a few projects in the area, consider visiting these locations to assess the quality of work. You can use this opportunity to talk with some homeowners to get more details about the roofer, including their customer service quality.

Is the Firm Local?

When hiring a roofing contractor, be sure to ask if the firm is local. This way, you can gauge the proximity of their offices to your home, making it easy to approach them for any other services. It’s advisable to request a physical address and contact information to verify the information provided. Working with a local contractor for your roofing needs has several advantages. These include fast and reliable services and quick response in case of emergency. Other benefits of working with a local roofer include:

  • Knowledge of local building codes
  • Easy to verify their license and references
  • Quick access to office
  • Accountability
  • Reduces chances of non-compliance

References from Previous Jobs

Most service companies provide clients with a list of three-five references. However, there are contractors who provide customers with fake contacts with scripted reviews to convince you to work with them. Before hiring a roofer, ask for a reference list and pick a random client to contact. Be sure to ask clients if they had problems with the contractor and if the issues were resolved. Contacting the references gives you an insight into the roofer’s credibility.

Which Services Does the Firm Offer?

Roofing repair, replacement, or installation is a significant investment. This means you need to get a roofer who is able to provide all the services needed. Hiring a roofing contractor with multiple services helps prevent hiring more service providers.

A roof does more than protect the exterior and exterior; it also displays the beauty of your home and helps with thermo-regulation. With this in mind, you need to find a competent and reliable roofer. The best way to do this is by conducting a mini-interview to gauge the performance and credibility of each contractor. This way, you can make an informed decision.


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