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Sarah Bartholomew designed interior spaces for the National Gallery of Art, The New York Public Library, and many others. She also designed several homes for the International House in Chicago.

Sarah has been in the home decor industry since the 1980s, where she has worked as a designer for some of the biggest names in interior design including Chippendale, David Chipperfield, and The Kresge Company. She has also been featured in several publications including “The Home Design Magazine,” “Interiors” magazine, and “House & Garden.” She has been featured in a number of “House & Garden” magazine articles.

The interior designer Sarah Bartholomew uses a wide variety of styles including contemporary, modern, and classic. Most of her work is based on the idea that you should have a home that is cohesive and cohesive of it’s own and should be able to be lived in and enjoyed. She tries to help people create an environment that is comfortable and is enjoyable to live in and hopefully will be preserved for future generations. Her homes are a reflection of this philosophy as well as her taste in decor.

Sarah uses a lot of bright colors to make her homes appear more vibrant and colorful throughout. The main way that she uses color is to create different styles of rooms. For example, a room could have a bold floral pattern, a bright modern colors, or a more dramatic color such as rust. In each room, Sarah creates color with all colors used within that room working toward a cohesive theme.

Sarah’s homes are usually bright and bold in terms of color, but it’s not just her aesthetic that is different. Her homes are very different, and they don’t all look alike. For example, one home has an open design, while a couple has a more traditional design. Sarah’s style has been described as “creative, modern, and eclectic.

Sarah is a designer, and her style is more eclectic than a lot of designers. I think her style is very versatile. She can mix and match and work in a wide range of styles. She can go from modern to transitional, from rustic to floral to contemporary. Her style is something that a lot of designers would be too afraid to try.

Sarah is a designer, but she’s also a writer. (Her style is also more eclectic than a lot of designers.) She can create art, but her style is more for people who like to write. I think Sarah is a very versatile designer. Her style is a mix of both, but also something that would be too afraid to try.

Sarah is a very versatile designer. Her style is a mix of both, but also something that would be too afraid to try. Her style is a mix of both, but also something that would be too afraid to try.

She makes designs that are both colorful and sophisticated, something that is extremely difficult to pull off. However, if you can try, you will definitely find Sarah Bartholomew’s work to be beautiful.

Sarah Bartholomews work is a combination of vintage and modern, and is also quite elegant. I have been getting a lot of emails from people who have asked if I had any information about their work that I can share. The problem is that I am not very comfortable sharing information about my work or projects, nor am I very creative. I guess it is a good thing that Sarah has made her work look as beautiful as it is.


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