Many times, it happens that students are to understand the reason for their failure or weak performance in the class. Even after his/her hard work he/she could not attain a good mark even when she/he was ill. But what he/she ignored was ill health. But how does it matter? Yes, it matters a lot because our minds and bodies are interconnected and act accordingly. A healthy mind and body can keep you completely healthy and if any of them is not in healthy condition that means you are going to suffer. So, it is up to us only to make an equilibrium between both of these important parts of our personality. If a student is asked details about LMS full form and ERP full form and he or she is unaware of it then it depends on mind-body connection where the mind orders the body to open the education app and search the details about LMS full form and ERP full form and answer the question. Humans know everything about it but usually don’t understand. Otherwise humans don’t act without thinking sometimes and even ignore the signs and symptoms of the body which gives you a chance to get well soon. The same way students also don’t get the meaning of signs which mind and body give them. To understand these students need to understand the connection between both. So, let’s understand the mind-body connection:

  • We all can feel the mind-body connection during which we can feel whatever our mind can think & we can feel this mind-body connection for every day. But usually, humans can’t understand and feel this connection until and unless he or she uses meditation or yoga to activate this feeling and immediately grab this relation. A watering mouth after seeing pizza, nervousness before exams, shivering in the body before facing the mob as an actor, or fear of being rejected before any interview are best examples of the mind-body connection. Sometimes this connection can prove to be in negative aspects also like facing failures in achieving academic, professional and personal goals. Our feelings and our emotions are results of mind-body connection.
  • There is a fact which has been told by medical science for a long time which says our body reacts to how we think. In other words if as a student you are continuously thinking of getting failed or under mental pressure of getting less marks then in reality the student attains less marks even after having all resources of getting good marks and this mental pressure brings insomnia, headache, weight gain or loss and on the other hand we can see the same effect work positively like the students who believes in himself/herself and think positively that he can earn good marks on the basis of his/her hard work then definitely he/she will earn good marks and along with this physical health also remains fit and fine.
  • It depends on our will power that we can make ourselves sick and we can make ourselves well. Students get very good example of this mind-body connection in pandemic Covid-19. When in pandemic situation students had to stay in their homes in lockdown then even in this devastating time when students were ill and were restricted to go out then it was the will power due to which few students remain optimistic during whole time and passed their online exams even in ill health whereas the students whose confidence level was declined during pandemic they got failed or less marks even after having all facilities- medical and for learning both. 
  • As the our mind makes impression on our physical health , in the same way our body also makes impact on our mind for example when a student enters in a cricket match to represent his or her school then he or she know the pressure of winning the match hence even if he or she is a very experienced player but if he or she gets injured in the last minute of match then it makes impact on the mental status of all team members and the next person who comes to bat already comes under too much mental pressure.
  • Seeing the evidence of mind-body connection students can keep this connection healthy by taking a sleep of 6-8 hours of sound sleep to relax the body and mind and to keep these two healthy and strong students must practice meditation daily.
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