It’s a well-known fact that the cowboy hat is an American icon. Worn by the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, the cowboy hat is one of those must-have items if you’re looking to bring out your inner Westerner, and it looks damn good too! But there are plenty of styles to choose from for cowboy hats for men.  

These cowboy hats are usually made of different materials such as leather & felt and come in different shapes and designs. Therefore, it becomes crucial to style yourself according to your hat type. You can also add accessories like hatbands, feathers, or hat types to get more from your cowboy hats. 

When it comes to styling with your cowboy hats, you can always show some creativity to make your style unique. So if you don’t know where to start, no worries; we’re here with some simple tips on how to style this accessory so that you can look like a true gentleman. 

Three Trending Cowboy Hats For Men

Among all the different variants of cowboy hats available in the market, some are more preferred by users than others. You can easily find these trending cowboy hats like yellowstone cowboy hats in the market to style better. Take a look at the three best cowboy hats to get the best result from your look. 

Booner/Bomber Cowboy Hat

The trendiest cowboy hat is the Booner/Bomber with a flat brim as it gives you a carefree yet stylish look. It’s a great choice for modern cowboys and hipsters alike. This type of hat is usually a bit larger than the usual. To style the Booner, you can go casual with denim jeans or chinos if you wear this hat on a warm summer day. 

Hipster Cowboy Hat

The hipster hat is a modern take on the cowboy hat, but unlike the Booner, it’s usually a bit smaller, and its design is more in line with the typical workwear look. Therefore, this hat can be utilized for both working and casual occasions. 

Triblend Cowboy Hat

The Triblend hat is another modern cowboy hat with tucking under brim. It incorporates five types of material to add style and character to your look. You can go casual or formal wearing these cowboy hats with waistcoats and trousers or even a formal shirt and pants combination. To get an even better effect, you can add accessories like a belt or cufflinks to complete your look.

To add some drama and make it more versatile, you can wear these wide brim hats to your everyday look. This will not only give you an awesome look but helps in protecting your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well. You can pair these three cowboy hats with a blue shirt, white dress pants, and on most occasions, a leather belt as well.

Getting Started With Styling Cowboy Hats For Men

You don’t have to be a fashion pro to know how to style your cowboy hat correctly. All you need is a bit of creativity and some good old common sense. With so many options of cowboy hats in the market, you can easily get a stylish look by adding them to your outfit. Few styling ideas for cowboy hats are shared here.

Denim Jackets For Street Style Look

You can also try wearing a denim jacket with your cowboy hats, especially if you are using a multi-color or bright-colored hat. A blue-colored denim jacket with perfectly fitting jeans is the best combination that you can try out this summer season. Any denim jacket paired with a contrasting t-shirt and a perfect cowboy hat works as a great look. You can try this style at any party or even on a date with your woman.

Try Hatbands for Better Looks

Let’s begin with the most important part of the cowboy hat, the hatband. You can use different band types like leather, felt, braid & ribbon for your hats. However, you should keep things simple with a plain black or brown leather band for your hats for most occasions. If you want to look more stylish, you should use a hatband with a logo or a ribbon. These accessories will help complete your look and give you a better finishing touch.

Styling Cowboy Hats With Long Coats

You can also go for a more formal look with your cowboy hats for men by pairing them with a long trench coat. It’s always good to have some type of coat to keep you warm from the cold wind, and you can easily style your cowboy hat with this type of outfit. Just pair your coat and a cowboy hat with some formal pants, and you’re all set to go!

The cowboys were initially famous for their hats and boots, and today you are the one to follow their legacy by getting yourself a stylish cowboy hat. You will get a lot of options for cowboy hats, and some of them come in a very affordable price range as well. 


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