Urban Sketching

What is Urban Sketching?

The concept of urban sketching has gained precedence in the last few years especially with the popularity of the online medium. The process of urban sketching can be defined as a form of artistic method that takes into account the different kinds of patterns that are prevalent around us. In simple terms it is the art of capturing a moment in time, of the observations that have been made around us. 

It takes into account the various urban habits that are prevalent around us everyday. For example, it can be a painting where a modern depiction of the cities of the future is developed. It can also be a simple painting of an individual cycling towards his destination or so on.

Reasons for popularity of Urban sketching

Urban sketching has gained a lot of popularity owing to the fact that it can depict the current scenario with ease. In most cases urban sketching is developed as a study and is considered to be culturally significant as it is able to effectively picturised the modern methods that are in practice and how it has impacted our daily lifestyle.

The most important factor is that the essence of urban sketching is that it is not supposed to be beautiful but to write the caption what it feels like to be a human in a culturally modernized world where everyone is taking part in the rat race. The pictures can depict anything from a man-made building to a landscape picture or even human beings in action. The freedom that urban sketching provides when it comes to depicting an idea through the help of a picture is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

How to learn urban sketching

The concept of urban sketching has gained popularity e owing to the large number of artists that have showcased their presentation across the world. In the current world of online education There are several platform to sell courses online regarding teaching art to interested individuals. Urban sketching is considered to be an important part of these online courses with some of them totally developed towards helping individuals get a better idea of how to evolve this concept.

There are several online courses consisting of detailed modulus along with online tests that are developed with the sole aim of guiding students through to the process of urban sketching. Through the rapid development made in the field of Technology, students today have the opportunity to undertake courses online where they can learn the basics of drawing from a variety of web sites available on the web.

There are several best platform to sell online courses related to Urban sketching available with some of these online courses undertaken by famous Skechers across the world. The entrepreneurs that are associated with developing these courses have carefully considered the ability of the students and have levels starting from beginner to advanced depending on the student.

There are also several modern applications available on the Android and IOS platform through which the students can make use of their smartphones to undertake classes on learning the art of urban sketching. Therefore, through the help of online courses the students have been able to satisfy their interest in learning more about urban sketching.

Scope for Urban sketching in the market

The concept of earth has greatly developed over the past few years. Alongside architects there has been a sufficient increase in job opportunities for individuals in the field of urban sketching. This has been mostly due to the changes observed in the current urban society, consumers of today are looking towards something unique that will add color to the character. It is because of this fact that there are several architects looking for urban sketches in the market who can provide them with better ideas on developing unique buildings and architecture.


It can be concluded that urban sketching is a modern form of art that is invested in providing real life urban scenarios that we see around us everyday. There has been an increasing popularity of this concept amongst individuals and students over the past few years. Through the help of online courses students today had the opportunity to learn the art of urban sketching and also have a future in the job market.


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