Janitor's Closet?

Janitor supplies and products are an essential part of any building’s upkeep. Adequate space is required to keep a safe and organized janitor’s closet. A room where equipment and supplies for cleaning and maintenance should have an assortment of the right tools to get the job done.


The floors of a building can be made up of different materials. Carpet, tile, and wood are the most common types of flooring. Their maintenance requires the following equipment pieces.

  • A vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Mop bucket with handle, and mop heads
  • Floor machine for scrubbing, stripping and polishing floor surfaces
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Dust mop
    It is convenient to have a built-in basin with water and a drain for filling and emptying a bucket. If the building has several floors, a transport cart can also make the job easier for carrying supplies and collecting trash.

Tools of the Trade

According to company Jon-Don, organizing custodial supplies in a janitor’s closet will save time and money. This can be accomplished by using water hoses, clips for handles, and shelves for supplies. An assortment of rags in different colors can designate which area they are to be used for. Here is an example:

Red cloths— cleaning toilets and urinals

Yellow cloths— cleaning countertops and flat surfaces

Blue cloths— shining mirrors and polishing

Green cloths— dusting wood and blinds

Other items may include squeegees for plate glass windows and long-handled dusters for blinds. Trash bags in assorted sizes will always be needed for different rooms.

Cleaning Supplies

Bathroom supplies are a necessity for keeping restrooms clean and disinfected. There are several aerosol and spray cleaners specific to this type of work. Toilet bowl cleaner and degreaser should also be available. Keeping a restroom well-stocked means that extra toilet paper and hand towels should always be present in a janitor’s closet. Soap and hand sanitizers should be filled on a daily basis from your stock in the closet. Spill absorbents can come in handy for cleaning up messes throughout the day.

Purchasing cleaning supplies in bulk is an economical way to save on cleaning supplies. Spray bottles and smaller containers are necessary for refills. Proper marking is essential for using this method. All custodial supplies should have an SDS sheet posted as required by OSHA for hazard control. A good way to post these, plus a list of frequent cleaning duties, is by using a corkboard and tacks.

In addition to keeping supplies stocked, the cleanliness of your janitor closet is important. A dirty and disorganized room will reflect negatively on the ability of the cleaning company. Always make sure that mop heads are clean and properly hung and clothes are clean and free of odor. Use 5-gallon containers to keep products together and orderly while placing smaller items on above shelves.

The first impression of a janitor closet will create a sense of professionalism and pride in how your work performance is perceived by others.


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