Known for its vintage and old-world charm, Macrame is gaining some popularity among modern craftspeople in 2022. This particular oriental handicraft is now experiencing a revival in the interior area. Right from cushion covers to tablecloths, wall hangings to hanging baskets, and the macramé design is coming back with a bang these days!

There are some high-end benefits of using macramé design these days in your artwork. Right from helping you out to relieve stress to presenting mental clarity, increasing brain productivity to even increasing self-esteem and confidence, everything seems to be working well with you, once you have started dealing with macramé designs. 

While looking for the hottest craft trends of 2022, you will surely find the mention of macramé design to get started with. So, without wasting any time further, let’s focus on the products that you can make using the macramé design. You are most welcome to check in with some macrame christmas ornaments as well, which will add that old charm to your yearly celebration!

Using basic knots to craft macramé table runner:

You have probably heard about the macramé hammock and swings, which are pretty common these days and can be procured from reputed macrame hammock and swing supplier easily. But, that’s not all! There are some unique macramé projects you can try your hands on like this macramé table runner using basic knots!

  • The pictures available online will break the pattern down into some manageable steps and the instructions are pretty simple to start with. 
  • But, if you are trying to work on macramé design on your own, then a picture won’t be enough. To understand how to tie the knots well, videos are your helping hands. 

Plant hangers are out there as well:

If you are trying to match the house décor with an old vibe, then a macramé plant holder is your one-stop solution to consider right now. It is great for beginners because the pattern remains straightforward and not that fussy. 

In order to make any simple planter look extravagant, there are some companies offering hangers in different colors apart from just the neutral ones. You can add that extra pop of bright color to the mix.

The macramé curtains to the rescue:

If you want to add that old and vintage vibe to your household, then the macramé curtain is always the first and foremost option that you might want to address around here. You can get one straight away from a macrame curtain supplier or can try making one from the scratch. 

But, it is always advisable to go for the supplier and reputed manufacturers if you are looking for intricate patterns and textures. Those are not possible unless you have proper training with the knots and how to make macramé patterns with ease.

Macramé bags to give out a try:

The macramé design is not just about the home décor. But, there are some items that you can carry along with you, like a purchase or a bag. The reputed suppliers are all set to present you with well-textured macramé bags, delivered right at your given doorsteps.

  • These bags are pretty spacious and can hold all your items intact and in an organized manner.
  • Just because the designs are textured and in knots that won’t let anyone see what you are carrying. So, these bags will offer the ultimate privacy you have wanted.
  • The best part is that you get to experiment with style and colors with these macramé bags. So, you can either opt for neutral colors or bright ones, or a perfect mixture of both!

Now for the cushion covers:

You have invested a lot of money on the new sofa set and now it is time to decorate them well. The basic white cushion is not creating the old charm vibe you are looking for. So, adding a macramé-designed cushion cover will change and spice up the story up a notch!

  • Join hands with the reputed macrame cushion cover supplier and get some of the best macramé cushion covers to give out a try.
  • Here, you can either go for the standard products available in the market or can just aim for the customized versions whichever matches your choice the most.
  • Depending on the size and the patterns of the covers, the prices are subject to vary. But, no matter whatever the rate is, the range will remain within your affordable arena.

Go for the jewelry:

For that 1970s vibe with a modern touch, you have macramé jewelry to give out a try. Available in colorful threads, you can find neckpieces, bracelets, and even earrings following the macramé style. You don’t have to make the complex designs on your own and get the premium quality items straight from the house of macrame jewelry manufacturer right away!

These are a few of the macramé-styled items you can get and use on a daily basis. Some are to be carried with you outside like bags and jewelry, and others are used for decorating your homes like curtains and more. 

Visit the official website of the reputed manufacturer at and learn more about the items!



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