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A Timeline of India A Vs Bangladesh A Cricket Series

India A and Bangladesh A have a long history of competitive cricket encounters, showcasing the emerging talent from both nations. The bilateral series between India A and Bangladesh A usually serves as a platform for young cricketers to make a mark and propel themselves into the senior national teams. Let’s take a look at the timeline of some memorable India A vs. Bangladesh A cricket series over the years:

1. 2008 Series:
In 2008, India A and Bangladesh A faced off in a three-match unofficial ODI series. India A emerged victorious, winning the series 2-0 with one match ending in a no-result due to weather conditions. Players like S Badrinath and Pragyan Ojha performed exceptionally well during this series.

2. 2015 Series:
The 2015 series witnessed some intense competition between India A and Bangladesh A. The two teams battled it out in a two-match unofficial Test series, with the first match ending in a draw and India A clinching victory in the second Test. Players like Mayank Agarwal and Shreyas Iyer made significant contributions with the bat.

3. 2019 Series:
One of the most recent encounters between India A and Bangladesh A took place in 2019. The series comprised of five unofficial one-day matches, where both teams displayed remarkable cricketing skills. India A dominated the series, winning it 4-1. Shubman Gill’s stellar performances with the bat were the highlight of the series.

4. 2022 Series:
The most anticipated series between India A and Bangladesh A is set to take place in 2022. This series is expected to feature a mix of seasoned players and young talents from both sides, making it a platform to watch out for aspiring cricketers aiming for national team selection.

Key Takeaways:
India A has traditionally had the upper hand in these encounters, boasting a strong pool of talented players.
Bangladesh A has shown resilience and promise in recent years, pushing India A to their limits in some matches.
– These series serve as a crucial stepping stone for young cricketers to gain exposure and experience at the international level.


Q1: Are India A vs. Bangladesh A series officially recognized?
A1: No, these series are considered unofficial and are primarily meant to provide exposure and opportunities to up-and-coming players.

Q2: How do these series benefit young cricketers?
A2: The India A vs. Bangladesh A series offer a platform for young cricketers to showcase their skills, gain experience, and catch the eye of selectors for national team consideration.

Q3: Which players have transitioned from India A to the senior national team successfully?
A3: Players like Shubman Gill, Mayank Agarwal, and Prithvi Shaw are some notable names who have made the transition from India A to the senior national team seamlessly.

Q4: What formats are usually played during these series?
A4: The India A vs. Bangladesh A series typically involve unofficial one-day matches and unofficial Test matches.

Q5: How do these series contribute to the cricketing relations between India and Bangladesh?
A5: These series foster healthy competition, mutual respect, and growth of cricketing talent between the two nations, strengthening their cricketing ties.

Kavya Patel
Kavya Patel
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