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Beyond Basic Booze: Gifts For Him That Make Every Drink An Experience

While giving something expensive to a man who matters to you may be good, what counts the most is the feeling and dedication behind it when trying to find the best gifts for him.

Nevertheless, let’s face it, buying them their favourite bottle of alcohol is just an average idea. If you want to upgrade his drinking experience from ordinary, here are some thoughtful and imaginative gift suggestions that can turn every drop into a memorable occasion.

Sophisticated Drinkware

To enhance the drinking experience, one of the easiest ways is to have the right glassware. The shape and style of a glass can greatly influence the aroma and taste of a drink; thus it is something worth investing in by any enthusiast.

Whiskey Glasses

For lovers of whiskey, think about getting them crystal whiskey glasses. Glencairn glasses for example are meant to bring out the complexity in whiskey. This way, they allow people to get all the aromas and flavors attributed with their favorite spirit easily.

Beer Glasses

A variety of specialized beer glasses will be appreciated by beer enthusiasts. Different types of beer come with specific glassware designed for accentuating their unique qualities. A tulip glass, a pint glass, and a snifter as part of an entire set can take his beer consumption experience higher up there.

Cocktail Glasses

An assortment of fashionable, practical cocktail glasses is the indispensable thing for a mixologist. An appropriate container like traditional martini glass to contemporary coupe glass can give an ordinary drink prestige.

Tools Of The Trade

Transforming your drinking experience is not only about what you are drinking but also how it was formulated. Purchasing high quality bar tools may help in making a perfect cocktail as it will be affected by some factors.

Cocktail Shaker Set

A pro- grade cocktail shaker set makes an awesome gift for someone who enjoys mixing drinks at home. Sets that include shakers, strainers, jiggers, muddlers and mixing spoons can be bought from the market. They are manufactured using stainless steel therefore not only durable but also sleek and modern looking.

Ice Molds

In the world of beverages ice is very crucial. Therefore large ice cubes or spheres with slow melting effect can keep cocktails chilled without dilution happening too fast. These are available in various shapes and sizes consisting of silicone that gives his home bar an unconventional but useful impression.

Bartender’s Manual

By having a comprehensive bartender’s manual or cocktail recipe book, he can encourage himself to try new recipes. In these documents he finds numerous useful tips, techniques and recipes that will take his mixology skills on the next level.

Devices And Gadgets

With innovative devices and gadgets, you can have fun while drinking.

Electric Wine Opener

Opening a bottle of wine should be done with extreme smoothness and elegance. This tool allows you to simply press a button and uncork the bottle. You may find it very handy if you frequently invite guests for a dinner or have some valuable wines with delicate corks.

Whiskey Decanter

A whiskey decanter is an attractive piece of décor for aerating the spirit thereby enhancing its flavour. Crystal containers are available in different styles giving them an ageless touch in any bar from traditional to modern bars.

Beer Dispenser

A beer dispenser may be used by anyone who loves draught beer at home. These appliances cool and carbonate beer so that every glass is filled with perfection. Some models are compatible with regular beer kegs hence ensuring original draft taste.

Infusions And Enhancements

At times, the best way to infuse some life into a drink is to add unique tastes or try out different ingredients.

Infusion Kits

Through infusion kits, he gets an opportunity to personalize his alcoholic drinks. These packs often contain several types of spices, fruits and herbs that can be used to make various types of alcohol. It’s quite interesting and actually simple enough to do in one’s own kitchen.

Bitters And Syrups

For many cocktails bitters and syrups are indispensable as they give them complexity and additional flavor. A range of artisinal bitters and syrups will encourage him to mix new potions.

Smoked Cocktails

Nowadays, smoking cocktails has become all the rage for adding drama and distinctive flavours into drinks. From hickory to applewood, a smoking gun enables him make smoky aromas for use in his cocktails. This gadget won’t fail to impress visitors while upping their cocktail game.


However, when it comes to gifting, one can do better than merely giving a bottle of “the spirit”. It could be fancy glassware, good bar tools, unusual gadgets and condiments with distinct flavors. Such thoughtful gifts would transform his drinking experience into something completely different.

So next time you’re looking for gifts for men ideas, consider ideas that will make drinking a little more special every time. Cheers!

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